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Choosing flowers to send for Mother's day

Mother's Day Flowers are normally given on Mother's Day, but you don't have to wait to tell your mother how you feel. What better way is there to show your feeling for your mother on Mother's Day, than by sending a bunch of flowers with a special message as a present for her. The easiest and most convenient way to send flowers is to find a good online florist, offering secure payment methods and plenty of choice. It is also wise to look at the customer service section of the web site before buying your flowers. Also check whether they can deliver on Sundays. You should check our tips for buying flowers online if you are not sure about buying your Mother's Day Flowers over the Net.

Mother's Day in the United Kingdom is on a Sunday in March, but there is also the 'International Mother's Day' on the 8th.May, so you have two opportunities to tell your mum how fantastic she is and how much she means to you.

Mother's Day flowers

Don't forget that mothers appreciate the personal touch on Mother's day. Send her the Mother's day flowers but make sure you visit or call her if you can't go to see her.

The meaning of Mother's day flowers
There are many different flowers conveying messages appropriate to the message you want to send on Mother's Day. A pink carnation is the flower for Mother's Day, symbolising 'always on my mind'. In Canada you wear a red carnation if your mother is still alive or a white carnation if your mother has died.Roses in general convey love and gratitude. Others include:

  • Asters - a symbol of love;
  • Bluebells - symbolise everlasting love;
  • Red Chrysanthemums (or Dendranthema) - symbolise love;
  • Daisies - symbolise loyal love;
  • Forget-me-nots - symbolise faithful love;
  • Moss - unusual, but it symbolises maternal love;
  • Myrtle - symbolises duty, affection, home and love;
  • Orange blossom - symbolises eternal love;
  • Orchids (or Cymbidium) - symbolise love and beauty;
  • Singapore Orchids (or Dendrobium) - symbolise refinement and are a sign of a beautiful lady;
  • Red roses - symbolise love;
  • Pink roses - symbolise gentility and grace;
  • Snapdragons (or Antirrhinum) - symbolise a gracious lady;
  • Stock (or Matthiola) - symbolises lasting beauty;
  • Red tulips - symbolise love;
  • Magenta Zinnia - symbolises lasting affection.

There are many more, but this is just a selection of examples.

The Flower Expert Flowers Encyclopedia Speaks in detail about Mothers Day Flowers. It detailed Information on Selection of Mothers Day Carnations that are widely used on Mothers Day to express their love for their Mothers.