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5495084Ghosts Of The Royal Arsenal
DateTuesday 31st October 2017
DescriptionCome on a journey around the Royal Arsenal site to discover some of the ghosts of the area. We will take you on a tour of some of our most famous ghosts who have been murdered, committed suicide, or been driven mad on the site. The tours meet and end at the Royal Arsenal's own TapRoom. A bar on site that itself has a very raunchy ghost. So you can have a drink (first one free) and a pizza. You have a choice of two tour guides: Sergeant Major Gore (retired) - Don't expect to have an enjoyable time on my tour. I do this because I lost all my money to gambling debts. I don't like you and I don't like ghosts. I am the only tour guide to have ever to have been attacked by a ghost on site because I treat all of them with equal disdain. As it is my job and I need to pay my rent I will guide you through the dark underbelly of the Royal Arsenal. We will visit the locations where ghost sightings have been made. From horrific accidents to suicides with some murder thrown in for good measure. I would say join me and have fun, but what I mean is keep up, listen and don't ask stupid questions! God help you if your mobile goes off or you try to take my picture. Sarana (the true believer) I speak to those who have passed over. Let me take you on a journey around the sites where those who have passed over ended their days. Together we will explore the stories of these poor unfortunate individuals and attempt to make contact. We will tour the Royal Arsenal site together and find out why some spirits never move on to the next plane. I have worked with a TV company to contact some of our guests and have inside information on what they discovered. I am a very spiritual person. As well as being clairvoyant I am a believer in necromancy, speaking to the spirits to discover the future. Crystals play a big part in my life both for healing and as sources of positive energy. I love cats as I believe they have a special connection to the afterlife. In fact, I live with (not own) several. It is not unusual for me to dress as one, which some people find strange for some reason? If you are a true believer, I am the person for you, I am your true spirit guide. Tickets cost £15 - adults only and include a drink at TapRoom at the end plus a chance to quiz your tour guide over a drink. Please note that the tour will take place in all but the most extreme weather so dress appropriately.
Time(s)Oct 31, 8pm-9.30pm
LocationTaproom, The
Telephone No. 07801445916
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Taproom, The
15 Major Draper Street
SE18 6GD
Telephone No.0208 316 4413
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