US Cinema Box office top 10

US Cinema Box office top 10

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UK Information » UK Cinemas » US Cinema Box Office Top 10

US Cinema Box Office Top 10

Pos.FilmWeekend TotalGross Total
1Straight Outta Compton$26.4M $111M
2Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation$11.5M $158M
3Sinister 2$10.5M $10.5M
4Hitman: Agent 47$8.33M $8.33M
5The Man from U.N.C.L.E.$7.32M $26.5M
6American Ultra$5.45M $5.45M
7The Gift$4.28M $31M
8Ant-Man$4.06M $164M
9Minions$3.83M $320M
10Fantastic Four$3.73M $49.7M

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UK Cinema Box Office Top 10

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