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UK Information » UK Cinemas » Cinemas around Leicester

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Leicester cinemas

Here is a list of cinemas around Leicester. If you can't find the film you want at one of the cinema listed, you can use the search option, above, to find films showing at cinemas in cities, towns or villages near Leicester.

City Cinema - Leicester
  No films listed at the moment.

Showcase Cinema De Lux Leicester

Odeon Cinema Freemans Park Leicester

Piccadilly Cinema - Leicester

Vue Cinema Leicester

FLIX Loughborough Student Cinema
  No films listed at the moment.

Odeon Loughborough (formerly Reel Cinemas)

Century Theatre

Regal Cinema - Melton Mowbray
  No films listed at the moment.

Harborough Theatre
  No films listed at the moment.

Catmose Arts Centre - Catmose College
  No films listed at the moment.

Odeon Cinema Nuneaton

Phoenix Square: Film & Digital Media

Cineworld Rugby

Showcase Cinemas Coventry

Rugby Theatre
  No films listed at the moment.

Galaxy Cinema
  No films listed at the moment.

Galaxy Cinema - Long Eaton
  No films listed at the moment.

ODEON Swadlincote

The Leicester cinemas listed on this page are for your reference. To view movie times, click on the name of the cinema. To find out details about a cinema click on the information icon in front of the cinema name.

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