Croydon Cinemas

Croydon Cinemas

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Croydon Cinemas:

Here is a list of cinemas in Croydon. If you can't find the film you want at a cinema in Croydon, try the Complete Alphabetical list of London Cinemas.

Croydon Clocktower cinema information Croydon Clocktower cinema

Fairfield Halls & Ashcroft Theatre information Fairfield Halls & Ashcroft Theatre
  No films listed at the moment.

Vue Cinemas - Croydon Grant's information Vue Cinemas - Croydon Grant's

Vue Cinemas - Croydon Purley Way information Vue Cinemas - Croydon Purley Way

To view cinema listings click on the name of the cinema. To find out details about a cinema click on the information icon in front of the cinema name.

Our cinema listings, news and information have been provided to make your cinema going experience more enjoyable. If we have missed any cinemas or there is information that you feel should be added or corrected please contact our cinema listings editor.

The Croydon cinemas listed on this page are for your information. UK cinemas does not endorse any particular cinemas in Croydon and is not responsible for the listings and times of films in the cinemas listed. Ticket bookings can be made directly from the cinema or a booking agentcy site, and not from us as we do not provide our own ticket booking facility on this site. UK cinemas will not mediate or get involved in any disputes or problems regarding the film times or the service at any of the Croydon cinemas listed on this page.

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