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Bedford Academy, Bedford Film Society

Mile Road
MK42 9TR

Bedford Academy, Bedford Film Society Cinema information

15A Man Called Ove
Friday 9th February to Thursday 15th February
Tuesday 13th February: 19:30
Wednesday 14th February: 19:30
15Berlin Syndrome
Friday 2nd March to Thursday 8th March
Tuesday 6th March: 19:30
Wednesday 7th March: 19:30
15Delhi Belly
Friday 1st December to Thursday 7th December
Tuesday 5th December: 19:30
Wednesday 6th December: 19:30
Friday 16th February to Thursday 22nd February
Tuesday 20th February: 19:30
Wednesday 21st February: 19:30
Friday 26th January to Thursday 1st February
Tuesday 30th January: 19:30
Wednesday 31st January: 19:30
Friday 23rd February to Thursday 1st March
Tuesday 27th February: 19:30
Wednesday 28th February: 19:30
12AI Am Not Your Negro
Friday 24th November to Thursday 30th November
Tuesday 28th November: 19:30
Wednesday 29th November: 19:30
12ALa Famille Belier
Friday 17th November to Thursday 23rd November
Tuesday 21st November: 19:30
Wednesday 22nd November: 19:30
15Lady Macbeth
Friday 9th March to Thursday 15th March
Tuesday 13th March: 19:30
Wednesday 14th March: 19:30
15Manchester By The Sea
Friday 5th January to Thursday 11th January
Tuesday 9th January: 19:30
Wednesday 10th January: 19:30
Friday 19th January to Thursday 25th January
Tuesday 23rd January: 19:30
Wednesday 24th January: 19:30
Friday 20th October to Thursday 26th October
Tuesday 24th October: 19:30
Wednesday 25th October: 19:30
12ASully: Miracle On The Hudson
Friday 10th November to Thursday 16th November
Tuesday 14th November: 19:30
Wednesday 15th November: 19:30
12AThe Black Hen
Friday 3rd November to Thursday 9th November
Tuesday 7th November: 19:30
Wednesday 8th November: 19:30
UThe Eagle Huntress
Friday 12th January to Thursday 18th January
Tuesday 16th January: 19:30
Wednesday 17th January: 19:30
15The Olive Tree
Friday 2nd February to Thursday 8th February
Tuesday 6th February: 19:30
Wednesday 7th February: 19:30
15Under The Shadow
Friday 27th October to Thursday 2nd November
Tuesday 31st October: 19:30
Wednesday 1st November: 19:30

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