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UK Information » UK Cinemas » Cinemas around Dundee » Film listings for: Cineworld Dundee (Formerly UGC Dundee)

Cineworld Dundee (Formerly UGC Dundee)
Camperdown Park
0871 200 2000
Cineworld Dundee (Formerly UGC Dundee) Cinema information

15Blue Ruin
Tuesday 29th April
12ACaptain America: The Winter Soldier
Thursday 24th April
audio described 11:45, 15:30, 20:20
Thursday 24th April
audio described 12:00, 20:50
TBCNational Theatre Live: King Lear
Thursday 1st May
Thursday 24th April
audio described 13:15, 16:30, 20:40
URio 2 in 3D
Thursday 24th April
3d;audio described 12:40
Thursday 24th April
3d;audio described 12:40
12AThe Amazing Spider-Man 2
Thursday 24th April
audio described 11:30, 14:45, 16:15, 18:00, 19:30, 21:15
TBCThe Canonization of John Paul the 2nd (Live via Satellite in 3D)
Sunday 27th April
3d 09:00
15The Grand Budapest Hotel
Thursday 24th April
audio described 11:20, 13:45
12AThe Love Punch
Thursday 24th April
audio described 11:00, 13:30, 16:00, 18:20, 21:40
12AThe Other Woman
Thursday 24th April
15:20, 18:10, 21:00
TBCThe Royal Ballet: A Winter's Tale
Monday 28th April
18The Wolf of Wall Street
Thursday 24th April
TBCVikings Live From the British Museum
Thursday 24th April

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